The aim of the journal

International Journal of Multilingual Education (IJME) is dedicated to advancing knowledge of theory, research and practice in the field of multilingual and multicultural education as well as in language acquisition.

E ISSN 1512-3146

International Journal of Multilingual Education

  • Publisher :  ‘’Center for Civil Integration and Inter-Ethnic Relations’’
  • Publication Types:   Scientific – Educational
  • Issue:   (a) Multilingual Education Theory and Practice; (b) Content and language integrated learning research, theory and practice; (c) Multilingual educational policy research, policy and practice; (d) Administration of multilingualism and multilingual educational programs; (e) Multicultural Education Theory, research and practice; (f) Intercultural training; and cultural diversity in education; (g) Mother tongue, second and foreign language acquisition theory, research and practice and etc.
  • Frequency:    Biannual
  • Ekaterina Protasova
  • Olivier Mentz
  • Jost Gippert
  • Vilija Targamadze
  • Paul Meurer
  • Victoria Yashikina
  • Iryna Losyeva
  • Natela Imedadze
  • Ramaz Kurdadze
  • Mzia Tsereteli
  • Rhonda Sofer
  • Merab Beridze
  • Kakha Gabunia